Shivaji To Undergo ‘Operation’ Soon?

Actor Shivaji forayed into politics once his film career tapered off. He then entered the special status movement and made some noteworthy contribution.

But, somewhere along, he joined the TDP. From then on, his credibility graph has been spiraling down continuously. It was his espousal of a theory called Operation Garuda, that raised serious doubts about him. He had said that the leader of the Opposition would be attacked and an attempt would be made on his life. This turned out to be true. Since then there are doubts about his sources. How is he getting such strategically important information inputs and from where? This is the question.

Now it appears certain that the police could question him on how he knew that Jagan would be attacked. Shivaji said he is getting the information from the highest sources. What are these sources? Whose names would be revealed when the police question him.