Singer Abused By Driver In Bengaluru

Popular singer Vasundhara Das have a lodged a police against a cab driver, who is on the run, for tailing and hurling verbal abuses at her in Bengaluru. According to details, the singer in her vehicle was waiting at the traffic signal while there was another cab to her left side as well. The problem rose after the traffic lights turned green and the cab driver wanted to turn right while Vasundhara went straight not making way for the driver.

Vasundhara Das Lodges Complaint After Abused By Driver

“When the traffic lights turned green, she headed straight, which prevented the cab driver to turn right. The driver then began following Vasundhara since he was angry about being cut off. He also began honking and shouting at her, demanding that she stop the car,” said a police official.

“The driver asked her to step out of the car and he was hurling abuses at her. When the signal turned green, she drove away. He followed her and cornered her once again at another signal on 13th Cross Road. Since a lot of other drivers stopped to confront him, he sped away,” the police added.

A case under sections 354, 341, 504 and 509 of the IPC has been registers and are on the lookout for the cab driver.