Sivaji Raja slams Naresh, calls out on his lavish spendings

The outgoing Movie Artistes Association (MAA) president Sivaji Raja slammed at newly elected MAA president Naresh who made several allegations on the former. Reacting to it, Sivaji Raja said, “There are by-laws which state that the elections will be held in March and the president takes oath on April 1. I am simply following that law. I don’t know why Naresh held a press meet”.

Naresh also opened up about the lavish spending of Naresh stating how money was getting wasted. “Recently Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Naresh and I went to Malaysia for a film event. We all got business class tickets but while Paruchuri and I stayed in a normal room, Naresh stayed in a suite. Also, he got drunk and missed the flight, forcing the organisers to book him on another flight. Isn’t that a waste of money?” he asked.

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Sivaji Raja further challenged Naresh asking him to showcase the file to the media and show what is there in it. Calling it as a baseless rumour and mere accusation, Naresh has nothing to showcase.