Veteran actress opinion shocked everyone

Senior actress and yesteryear heroine Sowkar Janaki has slammed the #Me Too campaign as a useless exercise. She said the whole movement was meaningless. “What is the use of digging out things that have happened long back?

Sowcar Janaki Opinion Shocked Everyone On Me Too

Such allegations only bring disrepute to the woman involved and will create unsavoury situation for the husband, children and other family members of the woman,” said. While claiming that she was a feminist and pro-woman, she said there was no point in adopting a movement that was born on a foreign soil. Mere aping is not right, she said.

Actresses and film celebrities like Tanushri Dutta and Chinmayi Sripada are among those who alleged that they were subjected to $exual h@rassment in the film industry. Chinmayi criticised Sowkar Janaki’s statement and said should a victim keep silent. “Should she not react and fight back,” she asked.