Sri Reddy Accepts Raghava Lawrence Challenge

Struggling actress Sri Reddy has accepted the challenge thrown by choreographer-turned-director Raghava Lawrence. In her Facebook post, she wrote, “I am taking up the Lawrence master’s challenge..bless me Everyone (sic)”.

Sri Reddy further says, “Lawrence master has promised a role for me when others decided to stay silent. But I don’t want any side roles or character written just for the sake of it. I am expecting a lead role.” Stating that she isn’t Chennai now and hoping that Lawrence do check her facebook posts and can respond to her.

Among other Tollywood celebs, Sri Reddy took out Larence’s name accusing him of sexual exploitation. However, the choreographer issued a stern statement said that he is not issuing the statement being scared by Sri Reddy, but coming out to clarification. Lawrence then said that he willing to give her a film offer, not due to the ruckus caused but since he respects women, adding, he has built a temple for his mother and respects women a lot.“Sri Reddy has said that she met me during the making of Telugu movie Rebel. It’s already been seven years since that movie. Why didn’t she report this all this while? She said that she came to my hotel room and I abused her. She also stated that she saw Gods’ photos and rudraksha mala in my room. I am not a fool to keep rudraksha mala at hotels and do pooja,” Lawrence said.

His statement reads, “We will do one thing: I will keep a press meet. In front of the people, I will give you a character and scene to enact and give you some dance steps to dance. That doesn’t mean I will give you difficult steps like I do. I will give you simple steps and dialogues – just the basic qualities an actor should have.”

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