Sri Reddy: Begging From Friends To Survive

Struggling actress Sri Reddy has wreaked havoc with her allegations of casting couch in Kollywood and Tollywood. Recently, after exposing casting couch in Telugu cinema alleging bigwigs like Pawan Kalyan, Nani among others, now Sri Reddy Tamil leaks is afloat on social media.

The actress who has been voicing against sexual exploitation and asking for work says her finances are in doldrums and is begging from her friends for survival. She says that though her resources are depleting and her voice is being suppressed, she will continue to fight.

My Finance In Doldrums: Sri Reddy

A few days back she alleged choreographer Raghava Lawrence sexually exploitatio promising her a role in a film. Her Facebook post reads, “ I got to know Lawrence master through sm of my frds,that day we met in lobby in golkonda hotel, masabtank..he took me to his room..after I entered into the room I saw a guru raghavendra swami photo nd some rudrakshas nd all..I felt wow..after that he started the conversation that he came from a poor family and he like to help to newcomers nd all,I started to trust him..he said he is giving shelter to the many poor children..I was impressed..but slowly slowly he showed his true color..he asked me to show my belly,that nd this..strange part is stand nd tempt ur self in the mirror,do some romantic moves,do romance with the mirror..wats wrong wt him).. after dat he did a ride on .. ..he said immediately ur offer is confirm..but end part is very sad..I continued the friendship for some time,but bellamkonda became a villain in it..#tamilleaks.”

Meanwhile, choreographer Raghava Lawrence stated that Sri Reddy is doing it for publicity, adding that everyone knows she is a “notorious person” in South. Countering his statement, Sri Reddy said, “If anybody is talking about the publicity, in the past also, I have released pictures with Abhiram Daggubatti, singer Sriram, and released my WhatsApp chat with many others. If it was for publicity then it will be in the headline for one month, after that what will happen ? So, only for one month, I don’t need to spoil my life.”

Meanwhile, Kollywood actors have approached Nadigar Sangam to deal with Sri Reddy allegations which are tarnishing their image.

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