Suresh Babu On Sri Reddy Issue: Flesh Trade, Alcohol Habitual To Man

Sri Reddy‘s allegations on casting couch in Tollywood has opened a plethora of can worms on the existence of its dark side. She broke hell loose after releasing her intimate pictures with Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram Dauggubati. The noted producer Suresh Babu when asked why he didn’t come out when Sri Reddy put out allegations, he said, “It is not about condemning something. It was a badly handled issue overall by the industry, media and other people. Much I do about it is nothing.”

“These issues have been there in the film industry for many years. It is not just in my industry, but also in all other industries. Sometimes, the issues become much wider, because of the ways of amplifying them and then it will find its own way to sort it out,”| he added.

 Suresh Babu Opens Up On Sri Reddy Controversy

“These are habits that are there from the beginning of humanity and we can never bind them with rules. They are not just limited to the film industry, but to everyone. Flesh trade, liquor, alcoholism are part of man’s life,” Suresh Babu said.

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