Sri Reddy’s FB post on actor Naresh

Controversial actress Sri Reddy came to public notice with her fight on casting couch in Tollywood by naming and shaming Abhiram Daggubati, son of noted Tollywood producer. Sri Reddy who moved her hub to Chennai post tense situations back Hyderabad updated her followers via Facebook post. The actress has now again made a Facebook post on actor Naresh and Abhiram Daggubati.   “Naresh Garu Merante gouravame kani evariki pattam kadadhamanukuntunnaru ..what do u think about that personalities who are sitting next to u??r u ok??this is v.v.v wrong..I can’t agree this.. I wl not be silent..very bad people all of them..dont spoil the panel please..@ maa association elections.” she wrote.