Star hero gets labelled as biased host

Star hero Salman Khan enjoys huge fandom on social media. The Dabangg actor who ahs been hosting the popular reality show, Bigg Boss 13 is one of the popular hosts. However, the actor tasted an unpleasant experience as he was labelled as a biased host by netizens, who came up with the #BiasedHostSalmanKhan hashtag to criticise him for supporting actor Sidharth Shukla and slamming Mahira Sharma in the recent ”Weekend ka Vaar” episode of “Bigg Boss 13”.

The whole week in the “Bigg Boss” house was about Sidharth getting aggressive and hurting Mahira during a task, for which he was nominated for two weeks punishment. Later, Paras Chhabra also claimed that he hurt his finger because of Sidharth. In the Saturday episode, Salman cleared the whole situation, saying that Paras was responsible for his injury and not Sidharth.

Salman then addressed the issue between Mahira and Sidharth — where Sidharth explained his side saying that he wasn”t entirely responsible for the incident and Mahira said that she knows that she is not as strong as compared to Sidharth and felt that Sidharth should have taken that into consideration. To which, Salman asked if she would have done the same, or left the task. Salman even pointed out how everyone in the house gets aggressive during tasks — this point by Salman was deemed as a way to defend aggression by a section of social media users. Salman also called out most of the contestants, including Mahira, for targeting Sidharth, questioning if that is their way to stay in the limelight and their game-plan. Other hashtags like #BiasedBB #IStandByMahira were also trending on Twitter.