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Suman TV wants to be a BBC or an RGV?

Suman TV wants to be a BBC or an RGV

A particular anchor is giving a glimpse of film stars’ drawing rooms and dining rooms. The celebrities in question are thankfully not allowing him into their bedrooms and bathrooms. The film stars are also forthcoming in saying that they have given into the constant pressure to allow the home tours. What takes the cake is the recent live coverage of Meena’s personal tragedy. This has led to the actor issuing a statement to the media to stop spreading misinformation and allow her space to grieve. A person sits in the television studio and asks a reporter stationed at her gate asking her ‘manasika sthithi’. What crap is this? What and how would be the mental condition of a woman who just lost her husband? Does that require an analysis? Some small and sundry channels show images of Meena sobbing inconsolably from some movie and it is made to look like this is her latest picture. They ask the question and wonder why none came to console or offer condolences to Meena and they themselves say it could be because of Corona, they might have stayed away. Suman TV can do better reportage by focusing on better content and hiring better reporters who merely exclaim Wow, Super at every line thrown in by a celebrity.

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