Summons to Sara, Rakul & Simone soon: Times Now

“Sara, Rakul, Simone and I would hang out and do drugs together”, said Rhea in her statement to the NCB and summons would be issued to the three either on Wednesday or Thursday says Times Now in its latest reveal. On Saturday and Sunday, many arrests have been made and based on these peddlers and their confessions, Rhea’s statement and evidence would be submitted to the High Court, where her lawyer will be making an appeal this evening. An NCB officer told the media that the B-wood celebs, i.e the three women were not on their list and were confused with the drug cartel by the people.

Soon after this statement, Sara’s and Rakul’s supporters celebrated and tweeted apologies but going by the latest news, summons will be issued to all of them this week. In a 20 page statement, Rhea said SSR’s Lonavala farm house was used for parties but however says she didn’t attend them personally. Contraband, cocaine, LSD and curated Marijuana was consumed by SSR and fellow Bollywood biggies she said and puts the blame on one particular film maker who influenced SSR to take drugs at film parties. There are small time actors who not only consumed drugs but supplied far more bigger names in the industry. This is a high profile case just not SSR’s and NCB is being careful about the interrogation process. The moment three names came out, many stars and their families rushed to Dubai for the upcoming IPL or their shooting locations.

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