When Sunny Leone Faced Sexual Harassment 

Padma Lakshmi’s shocking revelation of rape encounter is yet to sink in, here comes actress Sunny Leone voicing her bitter encounter too.  Sunny in an interview has said that she faced sexual harassment at the age of 18 during the shott of a music video.

Sunny Leone Sexual Harassment At 18

“It was difficult and it was hard to be that person who gives it back to them and feel horrible later because, that was one of the first… I had ever been on. And it was for a music video so I was like, ‘Oh wow! This is great! Who knows where it can go…’ I was like 18 years old… When someone like that says something to you it’s like… You have to give it back,” said Sunny.

“I think each situation is different. A person that you meet is going to be different, so you’ve to handle it with right amount of care. But it just depends upon how you’re treated at that moment. Of course if that person is being a jerk then you should give it back to them. But if it is one of those, you know… Weird flirting situations, you as a woman need to gauge what you need to do,” she added.

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