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This actress shops outside country

Being a celebrity is no fancy feat. Of course, the stars hog the limelight and public attentions but at times it also makes them suffocate for wating to have there own ‘me time’ without public glare which is challenging. And so is Taapsse and her family are learning to deal with it.

Taapsee Pannu shops outside the country

taapsee shopping

The Mission Mangal actress has open du about the demarcation she has after being a public figure.,She says that unlike ealier she now can’t go to a mall and shop. “I would love to walk into the mall and shop, but it doesn’t happen anymore. That’s why I shop outside the country from high street brands. It’s not like I go there to shop for a certain brand but the fact that I can’t walk into a mall and try on clothes here, I do it outside the country,” she says.

Ask her how her family is dealing with the her celebrity status tag, she quips, “I belong to a very humble background. I tell my family to put their foot down and say no, but they can’t. They even try to be more understanding towards people, but they are of a certain age now and they have to sleep on time. They can’t keep up as I do. They are not used to this lifestyle. I am the first person in my family who is a public figure. They are still trying to wrap their heads around this and understand how to deal with it.”

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