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Talk- Adivi Sesh to shock Bollywood with Major

Sesh Adivi is an actor who is immensely talented. He scripts all his films and makes them solid hits with his impeccable narration. He is making his debut in Hindi with the film Major that is based on the life of Major Unnikrishnan who fought for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The film is almost complete and is busy with its post-production.
Adivi Sesh MajorA little birdie has exclusively informed us that Adivi Sesh has done a mind-blowing job with his role and performance in the film and will shock many in Bollywood with his screen presence. The source also tells us that the emotions in the film have come out so well that the 26/11 attacks have been showcased in a gripping manner. The film will be stylish and the climax is going to be crazy is the news as of now. So, one can say that Sesh has surely a winner in his hands.

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