Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Tamanna Simhadri gets evicted

Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Tamanna Simhadri gets evicted. Yes, after actress Hema, Mukha Mukhi anchor Jaffar, the third contestant to get eliminated is Tamanna Simhadri.  And the contestants to get saved are Baba Bhaskar, Vithika, Rahul, and Punarnavi.

The show witnessed contestants again indulging in the fun task -The game Ankitam Neekam Ankitam. The show also witnessed celebrity guest Vennela Kishore gracing the show. And as expected, the comedian gave them feedback on how the audience perceives them.

Tamanna Simhadri 3rd contestant to get evicted

Tamanna Simhadri fires on contestants

After her exit, Nagarjuna asks Tamanna to speak about each contestant where she gives her honest and genuine feedback. In fact, she also fires on Rahul and ironically she gives positive feedback for Ravi Krishna and bid a teary farewell to Baba Bhaskar with emotional words.