Tamil Bigg Boss Contestant Mumtaz Supports Kaushal 

Kaushal Manda is undoubtedly the favourite of the audience, who has evoked unprecedented craze and hysteria in Bigg Boss Telugu 2, which even the first season contestants failed to garner. For his uprightness and straight-forwardness, Kaushal has won the love of audience not just in Telugu states but in Tamil Nadu as well. And now Tamil Bigg Boss 2 contestant Mumtaz in a video has supported Kaushal stating that she wants him to be the winner of Bigg Boss. Mumtaz, got evicted recently from the ensuing Tamil Bigg Boss. Now, her video of supporting Kaushal is doing the rounds on social media. Well, it also proves the craze he has earned in Kollywood, as well. Check the video:

Notably, director Maruthi has also tweeted supporting Kaushal Manda. Earlier, Madhavi Latha, Sri Reddy, and popular small screen actress Sameera Sherief have come forward appealing the viewers to support Kaushal and make him the winner. A video of this doing the rounds on social media. Meanwhile, in the latest episode aired on September 18, all the contestants have been nominated. The list is Kaushal, Geetha, Deepthi, Tanish, Samrat and Roll.

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