This ‘He’ From Jabardast Has Truly Become a ‘She’

Every Jabardast episode has some male donning female robes. Everyone, including the team leaders, have put on lady dresses. Vinod, Santhi Swaroop and Saiteja have very regularly donned female robes.

Now, Saiteja has stunned everyone by undergoing sex change surgery. He has turned she. He admitted to this during a TV show and came dressed in female robes. He….er… she said that she did not do this for money. Saiteja said he realized that he is more female than male and used to wear girlie dresses when alone.

Jabardast Saiteja Undergoes Sex Change

He also admitted that he was very happy donning female dresses in Jabardast. Hence, he underwent sex change. Initially, he was very cagey about how the society would receive him. Hence he confined himself for a long time to home and was afraid to come out. But, during this time he fell ill and found that many of his friends supported him fully. It is after this that he err… she has decided to come out.