Three producers giving headache to superstar

We all know that there are three producers from Mahesh Babu’s 25th film Maharshi. The film was confirmed under Dil Raju banner and PVP had the dates of Vamsi Paidipally so he legally became a producer. Aswini Dutt entered the fray as he has a commitment from Mahesh Babu. That’s how the three producers got together. But, three producers coming together on every issue is not possible. So, Dil Raju took the lead.

But, soon, complaints began from various sources that Dil Raju is projecting the film as his own. He is getting media coverage for himself. The other two producers too have reportedly complained to Mahesh Babu about this. As a result, things have slowed down on that count.

Mahesh Babu is left with no option but to involve himself in every issue. It is because of the problems of planning that the film, which was to release on April 5 has been postponed to April 25. The fans are upset that the film has lost out on summer business.