Varalaxmi Opens Up On Marriage Rumuors With Vishal

Varalaxmi has been hitting headlines both professionally and personally. For the past few weeks, rumours were rife that Varalaxmi would get hitched to actor Vishal who were apparently dating one another for sometime However, Varalaxmi has now opened up on dating rumours and refuted them saying, she is not getting married to Vishal.

Varalaxmi About Dating Rumours With Vishal

“We are very close friends. We share things but the reports about our relationship are all false,” said Varalaxmi. She adds, “Actually, if Vishal is up for marriage, I am ready to find a suitable bride for him. I will be happy if he gets married. I wonder why everyone is spreading false rumours about us.”

Well, looks like Varalaxmi has finally put a nip in the bud and shut the gossipmongers.