Vijay Devarakonda refuses to bite Bollywood bait

Though he hasn’t yet done a film in Hindi, Vijay is hugely popular across Bollywood and North India thanks to Amazon Prime. His videos sell like hot cakes and he is the latest Adonis for the youth across the country. No wonder, Bollywood likes to cast him in Hindi films.
Usually, Bollywood offers small roles to South heroes. It tried the same trick with Vijay too. But, Vijay is a tough customer. Bollywood producers  began leaking stories that Vijay is going to do in such and such film. These leaks were intended to test him.
But, tough customer that he is, Vijay said though he is dying to work in Bollywood, he is not ready to do small and insignificant roles. “there’s still time and when I enter, I would like to enter as a full-fledged hero,” he reportedly told the Hindi producers. Next time, he makes a Telugu movie, he can very well  dub it into Hindi and release it across the North. Such is the craze for this young gun.