Vishnu gets in a fight with his director

After a long time, Manchu Vishnu has recently come up with the first look of his upcoming film Voter. He also stated that the movie will be released during summer. But after that, there was no other news about it. Now, it came into the news for a different reason. Vishnu is now demanding Rs. 1.5 crores form film’s director Karthik Reddy.

Close sources of Vishnu revealed to media that Karthik Reddy came up to Vishnu with the script of Voter. After hearing it out, Vishnu felt that the movie is quite similar to his father Mohan Babu’s Assembly Rowdy. As it is produced by the home banner, Vishnu made a contract with Karthik that the latter has to pay Rs. 1.5 crores as the screenplay of the film are taken from their production’s Assembly Rowdy.

But Karthik says that Vishnu was the one who cheated him. He said that his original story was entirely different. It was Vishnu who made it like Assembly Rowdy and later made him sign the contract forcibly. Apparently, Vishnu has also asked for the story and screenplay credits. Eventually, Karthik had to give him screenplay credits. We have to see how Vishnu will respond to these counter allegations.

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