When these star heroes rejected Mallesham…

Priaydarshi has made his debut as a solo hero with the recently released film Mallesham. Based on the life of weaver and Padmashree awardee Chithakindi Mallesham, this movie has been getting some rave reviews from the critics and is being received well by the audience.

We heard that Priyadarshi was not the original choice of the lead actor. Apparently, director Raj wanted to make it with a star hero and he approached Nani and Vijay Deverakonda. Both of them rejected the offer as they felt the movie is more like a documentary and would work considering their star image.

Thus, the film finally landed up in the lap of Priyadarshi and the actor used it to his best. In fact, many are praising that he is the perfect choice for the film. IF the film was made with Vijay or Nani, it would’ve got good openings but eventually, it would be declared as a flop as the audience won’t accept these kinds of films from them.