Why all heroes want this heroine out?

Though she is no star heroine, she is able to get offers galore. But, some young heroes feel that this has gone to her head and she has not been ‘cooperating’ with them.


So, all these ‘heroes’ have got together to cut her to size. The young heroes work in tandem and operate as a coterie. If a heroine works with one of these heroes, she gets offers in other heroes’ films too. This heroine managed to enter into the heroes’ group, but is unable to get offers in other heroes’ films, due mainly to her ‘non-cooperative’ attitude.

She scored two big hits last year, but is unable to hit it big this year. She did three films and all of them flopped. Her recent film with a young gun too failed to fire. At this crucial juncture she needs the support of young heroes, but she found herself out of the heroes’ group. Now, she has just one film on hand. With Telugu film heroes shunning her, she might as well turn to Tamil films.