Why All Posters of This Hero Look Similar?

Akhil Akkineni is coming with Mr Majnu this time. With his earlier two films, bombing at the box office, he is playing a safe game with the film. The teaser of the film too given a fair indication that Akhil want to hit the right notes.

Akhil Akkineni Posters Looks Similar

But, there’s a problem here! The problem seems to be in the belief that repackaged old stories do well. The hordes of creative teams that are working overtime are trying to make things look different. But, just put the posters of all the three films of Akhil and you will find that they are all much the same and the poses that Akhil strikes are also strikingly similar. The Mr Majnu poster is very much like the posters of Hello and Akhil. It’s all so predictable and will it work for Akhil, who badly needs a hit at this stage of his career?

The film is being helmed by Tholiprema director Venky Atluri. The shooting part is over, but Nagarjuna has suggested some changes. The film is likely to hit the marquee in January next year.