Why is this Bollywood heroine buttering Balayya?

Kangana Ranaut is the hottest topic these days. Thanks to her film Manikarnika and her dispute with director Krish, she is hitting the headlines with unfailing regularity. But, she is now creating another sensation by speaking in hero Balakrishna. She is expressing sympathy at both the NTR biopics failing. Why is she sounding so sympathetic to Balayya Babu? Some filmi sources are suspecting that Balayya may have given an assurance to take her as his heroine in his next film. Balayya’s next film is with Boyapati Srinu.

But, will Balayya Babu take her as the heroine given her dispute with his past director Krish? Given her hot-headed nature, will she actually like to work with him? The answer to both the questions is negative. So where did this story emerge from? By the way, if Kangana thinks that she can floor Balayya Babu by just praising him, she could be wrong.

Till now, Kangana did only one Telugu film. That is Ek Niranjan with Prabhas. Puri Jagan directed the film.