Why Vent Spleen on Reviewers?

Every director thinks his product is great. But, it is for the critics and the audience to judge and rank the film. Many take the audience response to be final word of judgement. But, some refuse to agree and crib. Veerabhoga Vasantha Rayalu’s director Indrasena believed his product would win laurels and rain money. So cocksure was he that he called it a ‘cult film.’

He was supremely confident that the NRI viewers would go gaga over the film. So, the film was released in the US two days before the actual release in Telugu states. But, the film bombed and his hopes tanked.

Now the young director feels reviewers did the film in. He began calling the reviewers names and termed them ‘pseudo intellectual.’ What more, he posted a poster using cuss words for the reviewers. After all, Indrasena should realize that the reviewers were doing their job.

Hero Sri Vishnu was quick to respond and said he always respects the reviewers and added that he would try to impress them with his next film. He also wanted their continued support. Nara Rohit and Sudheer Babu are yet to respond. Well!! Indrasena would do better if he reallises that his journey has just begun.