Will this strategy work for Kartikeya?

Kartikeya became an instant celebrity with his debut film RX 100. Though he lagged behind in histrionics, his looks and the film’s content ensured that the film was a blockbuster. This landed him in several offers. But, it appears, the mainstream film industry is still not beckoning him. He is not getting solo hero roles and is forced to be playing second fiddle to someone else.

For instance, he has been offered a second hero role in Nani’s film with director Vikram Kumar. Kartikeya took the offer as he felt it will give him more recognition. But, playing a second fiddle may not actually help him.

See what happened to a young gun like Navadeep’s career. He acted with Bunny and NTR but these films did not exactly boost his career. Will Karthikeya be any different? Let’s wait and see.