Yamini Sadineni Woman Firebrand Of TDP?

TDP leader Yamini Sadineni appears to be the firebrand of Telugu Desam Party. Well, the women apparently can get head on with political big shots and never minces her words.  Now, a viral video of Yamini Sadineni taking potshots at Telangana chief minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao has taken the internet by storm in the political circles. In the video over 15-minute long, Yamini questioned what KCR has done other than promoting family political lineage. The video has once again raised eyebrows speculating is she the woman firebrand of TDP.

Yamini Sadineni Takes Potshots At KCR

Notably, KCR had drawn the ire of Yamni after his statement over Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. KCR called Chandrababu Naidu a “thief” and traitor” and hit out at TDP-COngress alliance for assembly elections in 2019. He also hinted out at Chandrababu’s note-for-vote scam.

Meanwhile, we have come up with the low down on Yamini coming into prominence all of a sudden. Yamini is an NRI, who left the US and moved to India. An entrepreneur but her sudden prominence into a political party sliding into the party has raised eyebrows? It also assumed that caste card might have helped Yamini to get into TDP. Meanwhile, she may have countered KCR but what TDP should realise is when the party itself is stuck into the quagmire of mistakes it’s blunder to point out at others.