Yatra vs NTR biopic: Who won?

When two films – both based on two iconic and trend-setting politicians who held sway over the Telugu people for years – get released, there is bound to be a comparison. The comparison would be starker especially if this is election season. So, it was but natural that there was a comparison between two-part NTR biopic and YSR biopic Yatra which was released almost at the same time.

Now the verdict is out. NTR biopics have been badly mauled and thoroughly rejected. Kathanayakudu, the first part, was a shade better in getting reviews and revenue. But, the second part was a total disaster. With the news that the TDP is trying to ensure full houses by distributing cinema tickets for free, the stock has gone down further. Kathanayakudu itself ended up with a huge loss of Rs 50 crore and the less said about Mahanayakudu, the better. It could well be Balayya’s career’s worse disaster.

As for Yatra, it came with lesser expectations and did not have a huge publicity blitzkrieg. It was low-budget and low key. Sure the film did not break records, but definitely garnered positive talk and decent revenues. The positive talk continued throughout its run. It did not disappoint those who watched the film and left the producers in the safe zone.

What more? The audience got connected to the emotion-charged concept of Yatra. So there was less chance of going back disappointed. The taking was also very good. The end result: Yatra won hands down. Period.