This Man Saved YS Jagan’s Life…

Know who saved YSRCP chief YS Jagan’s life when he was attacked with a sharp weapon? It’s party senior leader and Kalahasti constituency in-charge Biyyapu Madhusudhana Reddy. It was because of his quick response and presence of mind that the culprit could be nabbed.

According to Vizag district YSRCP president M Vijayaprasad, there is no truth in the story that waiter Srinivas came close to YS Jagan and then tried to attack him. He said the Home Minister and the DGP were trying to fabricate stories.

YSRCP Leader Biyyapu Madhusudhana Reddy Saved Jagan

According to Vijayaprasad, Jagan was sitting in the lounge and waiter Srinivas was standing with a water bottle. At that instant, Madhu Sudhan Reddy tried to introduce someone to YS Jagan. Then, all of a sudden, Srinivas pulled out the sharp weapon and tried to attack Jagan. Madhusudhan called Jagan for something and Jagan leaned towards him.

Had it not for this, the Srinivas would have stabbed Jagan in the chest. He also vouched that there was no truth in the story that Srinivas came to take a selfie with Jagan. He said that even before interrogating the culprit, the Home Minister and the DGP were giving statements to mislead the people.

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