1 Million Views For Kaushal Family Bigg Boss Clip

The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 September 12 episode aired ahead of Vinaya Chaviti which had Kaushal Manda‘s family paying visit evoked massive response which was no less than star celebrity fandom. The promo aired by the show makers is one of the trending video on YouTube.  So far, the promo aired on September 11 has garnered over 1 million views is trending on top 4 position. Later, we saw Tanish’s brother Krishna Alladi and Roll Raida’s sister paying visit to them.

Kaushal Family Clip Trends On 4th Position On YouTube

In the episode Kaushal broke down seeing his kids in confession room. Later, his wife Neelima also joined them. The episode has reverberates same emotions among the audience as many felt teary eyed. Netizens are also pouring love on his children calling them cute-pies and his wife Neelima as a strong woman.

In this weeks nominations, Kaushal, Deepthi, Geetha, Roll and Amit are nominated. Unarguably Kaushal Manda is the favourite of the viewers and will be in protected zone. The buzz is that, as of now, with unofficial polling Roll and Amit are in the lowest zone who has highest chance of getting evicted.

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