Actor Took 19 Takes For Liplock Scene

Actress Chandini Tamilarasan at a press meet spoke about her co-actor Shirish from her upcoming Tamil film Raja Ranguski. The actress said that Shirish is a single-take actor but there’s a liplock scene for which he took 19 takes. Well, we are wondering if Chandini purportedly divulge the details for publicity or accidentally it was a slip of tongue.

Actress Chandini Speaks On Liplock Scene

Meanwhile, her co-actor Shirish said, “Chandhini is my best friend. During a problematic situation, when I called her to play my pair in Raja Ranguski— a murder mystery directed by Dharani Dharan — she came on board without even listening to the script. Thanks for the trust she had in director and me. Her character has shaped up so well.”

He adds, “I was very particular that somehow we should get Yuvan Shankar Raja for music.  I along with the producer and director went and narrated the script to Yuvan. He agreed to be part of script and I was told that he even took less remuneration than what the producer expected.”