Actress Meena Vasu Sensational Comments On Telugu Heroes

Telugu character artiste Meena Vasu made sensational rather implicit comments against Telugu heroes, asking them to learn from Tamil star Ajith by embracing his qualities. The actress rather took a dig in her Instagram post saying that in her long career she met accomplished actors who had an air of ego after they attain stardom. She then went on to advise them that they should wash and touch Thala Ajith’s feet, following which they would be blessed with “at least 10% of his personality and nobleness”.

Actress Meena Vasu Fan Girl Moment With Ajith

Meena Vasu met Ajith at Ramoji Film City where the latter’s film was being shot at. She had a fangirl moment, who took a picture with the Kollywood star and posted an Instagram post on him.

“I have seen so many artists who build up so much attitude after a hit…..Success will not last long if that is followed by a dog called ego… I wish them to wash and touch Ajith sir feet which would bless them with at least 10% of his personality and nobleness (sic),” Meena Vasu posted on her Instagram account.