Adivi Sesh Evaru Review: Gripping, Engaging

Release Date
August 15, 2019

Direction: Venkat Ramji

Cast: Adivi Sesh, Naveen Chandra, Regina Cassandra and Murali Sharma

Producer: PVP Cinema

Evaru Movie Review: Gripping, Engaging

After Kshanam, Goodachari, Adivi Sesh is back with another thriller Evaru. Sesh has developed his own set of audience who eagerly await for his films. Bankrolled by PVP and directed by Venkat Ramji, Sesh has again added his own shade to Eavru. With this flick, does Sesh gets into hattrick club is to be seen?


The film begins with a murder. Samira is the wife of prominent businessman Rahul Maha, who kills DCP Ashok (Naveen Chandra). Ashok, who works at Hyderabad’s Panjagutta gets killed at a resort in Tamil Nadu. Subsequently, Vikram Vasudev (Adi Shesh), a corrupt officer takes-in chare of the case. Sameera who is charged with murder claims she killed Ashok as he tried to rape her.

Vikram tells Samire that he could only help her if she tells the truth. Will Samira tell Vikram the truth? What is Samira’s relationship with Ashok? What happened to Vinay Verma (Murali Sharma) and his son Adarsh, who disappeared a year ago in connection to Samira? Whois Vikram Vasudev? Who is Samira? What is the relationship between the duo – are things that form the crux of the story.


Thriller genre is like a cakewalk for Adivi Sesh. His last two films were from the same genre and did extremely well at the box-office. As Vikram Vasudev, he fitted the bill well as the corrupt officer. Avoiding unnecessary twists and emotions drama, the actors have impressed wth subtle performances. Regina after a long time has got a meat role which has many shades to emote and she aced it. Other artistes, Naveen Chandra, Murali Sharma and Nihal have been impressed with their performance in key roles.


Evaru opens with murders scene, then has a missing episode, all these things are laced with an interesting screenplay. For every 10 to 15-minutes, while the audience thinks they have got the twist, there comes the surprise which would make you intrigued without batting an eyelid. Director Ramji has strictly stuck to the thriller genre and avoided chemical elements by sidelining comedy and duets which worked for the film. The audience who are used to routine commercial potboilers might at times get bores.  Adivi Sesh with his screenplay has kept the audience glued, but the second half appears a bit disengaged.

Another advantage for the film is the music by  Sricharan Pakala which are in sync. The production values are good and cinematography by Vamsi Pachipulusu has helped in showcasing the seriousness of the crime-thriller.


Lead actors acting


Zero commercial elements

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