OTT Review – Hotstar’s Anger Tales

Starring: Venkatesh Maha, Suhas, Ravindra Vijay, Bindu Madhavi, Phani Acharya, Tharun Bhascker, Madonna Sebastian
Director: Prabhala Tilak
Producers: Sridhar Reddy & Suhas
Music Director: Smaran Sai
Cinematography: Amardeep, Vinod K Bangari, Venkat R Shakhamuri, AJ Aaron
Editor: Kodati Pavan Kalyan
Release Date : March 09, 2023
Anger Tales is the latest anthology series in Telugu. The show is directed by Prabhala Tilak and has four stories in total. Read our review to find out if the show has any juice in it or not.

Anger Tales Web Series Review 

The first story is about a veg-eating couple played by Tharun Bhaskar and Madonna Sabastian. How Madonna is forced to eat only veg and how things become serious is the story. The second story is about a man who is short, has a bald head, and is struggling with his job. The third story is about a housewife (Bindu Madhavi) and how she gets frustrated due to her neighbors disturbing her sleep. The last story is about a fan president(Venkatesh Maha) who at any cost wants to air a special show about his favorite star and fails badly.
In the first story, Tharun Bhaskar does okay as the dominating husband. But it is Madonna who steals the show with her demeanor and silent outbreak. She does well and looks composed in her role. In the second story, Phani Acharya plays the bald man. He does well in his role but his story is narrated in a bad manner. The third story has Bindu Madhavi as the housewife and she is amazing. Right from her dressing to the emotions that she keeps within, Bindu has done a superb job. The last story is the best as it has Venkatesh Maha and Suhas. Both these actors shock us with their performances. Each gives their best and ends the show with a bang.
What’s Good
Last Story of fan wars
Suhas and Venkatesh Maha performance
Bindu Madhavi character
What’s Bad
First two episodes
Lack of proper conflict
lack of proper justification for stories
Anger Tales is about one’s anger and what issues one faces in life. Prabhala Tilak has penned four stories and has cut the trailer superbly. But there is no meat in the actual show. The four stories have very good backdrops and their aesthetics are also done well. The casting is superb along with the performances also. But the manner in which they are narrated leaves a lot to be desired.
The biggest issue in the series is the logical explanation. She lives in a family of veg-eating people but the Madonna struggles to eat eggs. Though the idea of hiding eggs at home and eating is fine, her struggling to eat nonveg outside looks silly. The character is shown in a way that she cannot even what she eats which looks a bit over the top. 
The second story is about a man with a bald head and a dull job. His story is relatable and has decent emotions. But the way it is edited and ended is horrible. The man files a case against the government as he loses hair due to him wearing a helmet all the time. Such is the silliness of this story and ends on a bad note. 
The third story of Bindu Madhavi is set up so well but the way she freaks out with anger is weird as she blasts the owner’s house as could not get enough sleep. Such is the dull ending of this story.
The director saves the best for the last as the story of a fa president and a local goon about a hero’s private show is told in a superb way. The casting, performances, and narration are superb. The camera work in the series is superb and so is the BGM also. Only the last story makes some sense. 
With Anger Tales, what you see in the trailer and what you see in the show are poles different. What could have been a sensible drama with good stories is spoilt by some idiotic narration. Just forward the show and watch the last episode and log out.
Bottom Line– Silly and logic less

Anger Tales Rating: 2.25/5

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