Arya-Sayyeshaa marriage not true, says Abarnathi

Arya-Sayyeshaa marriage has been doing the rounds on social media for the past few days, and this became a hot topic for many out there. Amidst this, Enga Veetu Mapillai, (similar to Pradeep Pellichoopulu show) contestant Abarnathi who was madly in love with Arya called their marriage to be not true but a mere rumour.

Abarnathi goes on to say that none of the actors has confirmed the news so how can this be true. “I am 99 percent sure it is a rumour and I will never believe this until they tweet about it, just like Vishal did,” said Abarnathi. She further says that it’s better to ask Sayyeshaa than Arya to confirm the speculation as the latter will only confuse people further.

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