Aswathama Movie Review: Okayish thriller

Release Date
January 31, 2020

Direction: Ramana Teja Star
Cast : Naga Shaurya, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada
Producer : Usha Mulpuri
Music : Sricharan Pakala

Naga shaurya, the young hero who tasted success with last Chalo has been a while has hit a blockbuster. Knonw for good looks and fan following among women has scripted the film.  Did Naga shaurya bring an action and mass image with this film? Ss this young hero hitting track again? Did the audience embrace the different concept picture? Let’s see in our movie review.


Young women go missing in the city. After two to three days, they are then found unconscious in the hospital. After few months, the women turn pregnant and the miscreants are not known. Subsequently, Ganaa (Shaurya), goes out to trace the monsters behind the missing women and find out the cause for all these ill-things.



When it came to the cast, Nagasurya led the entire film with the One Man Show. Nagasourya, who starred in this Power Full action film, was superb with Full Energy to take away the current Lover Boy image. He is also known for his high-voltage performance in action scenes. The film was made in a way that was different from his own style. Some scenes in the first half of the film look a bit class-class, and then appear in a full mass and rough look. Jishshu Sengupta as a psycho villain is sometimes intimidating. Class and rich villain.

Heroine Meherin, who is known as a rubber doll, got a good role in the film but the gestures were faded. And it seems that she has forgotten to live in her role. Prince and Naga shaurya play the role of a younger sister and the girl is seen on screen. They are not a big plus for the story except for the huge cast and some of the scenes.


The first half adrenaline pumping moments and has been handled quite well in the first half. One of the biggest highlights of the film is the Bengali actor Jisshu Sen Gupta. He is on another level and brings a scary effect to the proceedings. The way he is brought into the film and the manner in which Jisshu performs is very good.

Special mention to the action choreography which is spot on and has been executed well. BGM by Ghibran is top notch and elevates the proceedings quite well. The family emotions are decent. The second half has good moments of the villain but the hero-villain face off is just hurried up on the audience and things are ended in a jiffy. Some more investigation scenes and action episodes would have matters even special.




Naga Shaurya




Some sluggish scenes


Poor climax

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Average Critics Rating: 3
Total Critics:3


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