Review – Pogaru – Bland and over the top

Starring : Dhruva Sarja, Rashmika Mandanna, Mayuri Kyatari
Director : Nanda Kishore
Producer : B.K.Gangadhar
Music Director : Chandan Shetty
Cinematography : Vijay Milton
Editor : Mahesh S
Post-KGF, so many Kannada films are being dubbed in Telugu one after the other. Pogaru is one such film which is out today. Read our review to find out if it has anything to watch out for.
Siva played by Dhruva Sarja is upset with his life after his dad passes away and his mother marries someone else. He leads a dirty life and falls in love with a girl(Rashmika) in his town. But things change as he falls in love and this is the time, his stepmother changes his view towards his mom. How did Siva deal with this personal turmoil amidst other bad issues in his life is the story of Pogaru.
Rashmika plays the heroine’s role and she is just about okay. For the most part, she is there only for the commercial aspects. But for the rest of the film, she is only sleepwalking through it. Coming to Dhruva Sarja, he looks weird in his getup and as he has following in Kannada, it suits his image there. But for Telugu people, he looks over the top and does well in some mass scenes and comedy with the heroine. He tries hard to impress but falters.
Pogaru is made for the Kananda audience who are well aware of Dhruva Sarja. The film has some fun moments but you have seen them in so many films already before. The story has scope for some emotions and they are also shown in detail in the second half. But by then, things are delayed and what you see are just the basic mass elements with routine narration.
The music is good and the visuals are appealing but that does not mean there is anything new for the Telugu audience. In a nutshell, the Kannada industry is trying new big mass films and Pogaru is a part of this attempt but for the Telugu audience, it is a big bore.

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