These are the only two safe players in Bigg Boss Telugu 3

The third season of Bigg Boss Telugu is becoming interesting by each and every passing day. The contestants started to unleash their true colours and we can see some or the other fight every now and then. But there are two people who are playing a safe game even now.

They are Baba Bhaskar and Ashu Reddy. Right from day one, both are avoiding fights with anyone and minding their own work. Even if there is any other fight in the house, they are not involving much and are staying away as much as possible. Baba gained respect from all the housemates for his modesty.

Baba Bhaskar and Ashu Reddy are playing a safe game in Bigg Boss Telugu 3

He behaves the same way with every contestant and is spending a happy time by cracking jokes and cooking the food daily for them. Same is the case with Ashu. This dubsmash sensation minds her own work and stays in her limits with other contestants. Though they are staying cool as of now, there will be some point when even their true colors will be out. That is the main agenda of Bigg Boss, right?