Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Here’s why Tamanna Simhadri was aggressive

The Bigg Boss Telugu 3 hosted by Nagarjuna is going great guns. While many expressed their doubts as to how the show would turn out as even the third season would witness trolling like Nani’s show. But to everyone delight, Nagarjuna has been his best and the shows also got the highest TRPs ever.

The third episode on Sunday witnessed Tamanna Simhadri‘s eviction. She has now opened up about her eviction and also why she has been so aggressive in the house. Speaking about her elimination,  Tamanna said, “I don’t have any qualms about how they projected me. There can by any reason behind my eviction. But I was myself and played my game.”

Aksing about the reason behind being so aggressive as that was one of the reasons behind her eviction, she says, “Nobody instructed me how to play. I was inspired by the previous seasons of Bigg Boss Hindi. I saw the first week of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 and I found it to be very bland. So I decided to play an aggressive and provocative game,”