Boney Kapoor wants his kids to learn this from Ajith

Boney Kapoor and actor Ajith have teamed up for Tamil movie Nerkonda Paarvai. The producer is funding the latter’s project and the shoot of the film is underway. A few days back, Boney’s younger daughter Khushi Kapoor picture with Ajith went viral.

Boney Kapoor has now opened up some of the qualities of actor Ajith and wants his children to take a leaf from him. He says, ” First of all, his graciousness and the kind of respect that he has for everyone. In fact, I would like to see that everybody in my family takes a leaf out of him, not that they are not gracious or not respectful”.

Boney further adds, “See what all he has achieved. In spite of being such a huge star he is still down to earth… he has respect for everyone. Be it spot boy or light man, be it his colleague – male-female, -senior-junior – he treats everybody with a lot of respect, that is something amazing which not just my family, but everybody should learn from him. [sic]”

Arjun Kapoor’s father goes on say that he is not making any pun on Ajith and is speaking the traits he has, saying, “This is not just a put on… you see the person doing once or twice, but this has been consistent, over a period of time, I have seen him, [sic]”