‘Butta Bomma’ is more colourful and vibrant than original work ‘Kappela’: Anikha Surendran

Anika Surendran has been in the Malayalam film industry for over a decade now. First as a child artiste, Anika gradually started getting supporting roles as well as female leads in Malayalam and other languages. She is playing the female lead in the upcoming Telugu film titled ‘Butta Bomma’ which she describes the story has a vibrant and a colourful tinge.

Started your career as a child artiste, and now you’re donning a different hat as a leading lady. What’s the difference that you’ve observed?
“Since I’ve been working in the industry for a long time, acting wise I’ve not found any difference but when I was a child coming to movies was like a vacation basically. I didn’t have to go to school or anything. Nowadays, I look at BTS (behind the scenes) and different aspects of looking at movies. I’m really grateful to work with so many talented technicians in so many languages. I’m very proud this way.”
Starring Arjun Das and Surya Vashistta in the lead roles, ‘Butta Bomma’ is being bankrolled by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and Sai Sowjanya under Sithara Entertainments banner.
What’s the initial reaction when you’ve watched the Telugu version?
When I got the call from the makers, it was a ‘no brainer’ for me. The moment I know that ‘Butta Bomma’ is the remake of the original work in Malayalam ‘Kappela’, I was so excited. I play the character named Satya. Lucky to have landed such a meaty and performance-oriented role.
When the reference point already, how did you improvise the character rather than copying the original work?
“Director Shourie Ramesh Chandrasekhar has ensured that the character is not a copied work of the original. He was very accommodative and kept telling me try differently. He always asked me to understand the role where she comes from, do whatever I feel natural to the character. before going for the shoot,” the actress adds.
Coming from Malayalam language, it is quite difficult for Anika to learn the know the sensibilities of other languages. “I had to mug up all my lines and tried my best. Telugu is a entirely alien to me. Tail is a bit easier because I am a Malayali. I got to rehearse during workshops so that I’m well equipped with nuances. The makers wanted an authentic Telugu speaking girl. But no matter how hard I tried I wouldn’t get it right. So they managed to get someone who has a similar to my voice. It wasn’t very jarring,” she laughs.
Except for a few changes, there haven’t been major changes in the Telugu remake ‘Butta Bomma’, she says. “The making is very different and we feel like more colourful and vibrant. Director Ramesh sir has put in his own style into it,” he says.
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