Buying rights is better than plagiarism

The heroes are ready and the directors are waiting. The producers are ready to make films. But, where are good stories that regale the viewers and keep them glued to their seats? Even a small story lead is enough. They are trying to blow it up into a full-scale story. So, everyone’s quest is for good stories.

Nani is said to have chiselled out a heart-touching video for Jersey. Similarly, hero Sharwanand is said to have made AK Entertainment’s Anil Sunkara buy a Hollywood movie. He is rumoured to have asked director Chandoo Mondeti to develop a love story based on this film.

Once the story is developed, he might ask either Anil Sunkara or Sudhakar Cherukuri to make the film. Buying the rights of a good film is always a better move than tamely plagiarising it. Paying for intellectual property will help them avoid many problems.