Dangal an Inspiring Sports Movie

In present days’ people are very busy with different schedules and new challenges at workplace and also in everyday life. Therefore, most of the people develop some hobbies to come out of the stress and refresh their thoughts in coming back to their routine life. One such stress buster in present days can be a movie. These days most of the movies are coming with a good story, excellent music and also in a creative way.


One such movie which can be appreciated is Dangal. Dangal means wrestling.  In this movie, the leading role is played by Aamir Khan. The moment we hear his name we can expect a movie with creative thoughts and a message oriented movie which fills everyone’s heart with happiness and satisfaction.  The movie is all about an ex-wrestler who gives up his dreams of winning gold for India due to his financial support. But, he is so determined that one day he can fulfill his dreams by training his sons in the future but the twist in the story which would put the story in suspense is that he is blessed with four daughters. He thinks that his dream can never become true.
One day he comes across a scene where his eldest daughter Geetha who is 14 years old along with her sister Babita who is 12 years old bash up a group of boys from the neighborhood during an eve-teasing incident. This incident gives life to his hopes. Mahavir Singh realises that his daughters got the same talent as him in wrestling. With this thought he relentlessly works hard for his goal and makes his daughters the world-class wrestlers.
Undoubtedly, the movie is going to be a great entertainer and also a very inspirational. It has got many learnings. It proves the determination of a goal of a person can make him so strong that he can face any hurdles and challenges of life and can become successful.