Debuting with a rom-com: Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar’s debut film Merise Merise is ready. The poster of the film was out recently. Born and brought up in Rajamundry, he had completed B.Tech in Gitam University and MBA in USA. After a few years gap of preparing for UPSC, he stepped into 5this industry and then became an AD for some films, one of them being Mirapakaya.

While he was doing MBA he went to the film school too but didn’t get much out of it but back in India he did gain the knowledge and also confidence. He also made a few short films and got hands-on experience. He speaks to, “I am mostly into James Bond and Indiana Jones kind of films and when I pitched it to the producers, they said they didn’t want to spend such a huge budget on a newcomer which was a fact and also logical. Then I began developing realistic scripts, about a boy and girl and how they feel when they have a set back in their lives.

It is a rom com actually with feel good emotions and the title has been picked up from Pelli Chupulu.” Pavan says it wasn’t easy to find a producer here too, he developed the script for nine months to a year. Once the producer K Venkatesh from the construction field and Dinesh, the actor from Husharuga was on board, everything fell into place. He further says, “We are waiting for theatres to open, as we are getting positive info…so trying to release in the holiday season, many festivals are due too. I have seen how the industry works when I was an AD and I was kind of prepared for many challenges. It wasn’t easy. There is a lot of hustle in the industry, you should be knowing how to handle the people, the set. The film was shot in 36 days in a span of three months and did a lot of pre production for around 5 to 6 months. Music is by Karthik, I have known him since short film days and Nagesh Banell has done cinematography. The heroine’s performance and styling is a treat to watch. Hero is Dinesh who is apt for the script.”

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