Did Thaman Encourage Chota To Kiss Kajal?

At a time when #Me Too movement is spreading like a wildfire, cinematographer Chota K Naidu did the unthinkable. He kissed Kajal Aggarwal during the teaser release of ‘Kavacham’ on her cheek. The Kajal who looked stunned at this sudden development, composed herself quickly. She maintained the smile on her face.

While Kajal was speaking, she took the name of cinematographer Chota K Naidu. As she was taking his name, he lunged forward and kissed her on the cheek. Everyone on the stage were shell-shocked. Realizing the possible controversy he has kicked up, Chota K Naidu said he did this because music director Thaman challenged him to kiss Kajal.

The explanation is not cutting much ice and nobody seems to believe him. Yet, Kajal saved the blushes for the cinematographer saying that they were all one family. But, the social media is not taking things lightly. They are trolling Chota K Naidu for his act. Will he publicly apologise or defend his act? Let’s wait and watch.