Efforts to get Ravi Teja back in Trinadh Rao’s film on?

Efforts to get Ravi Teja back in Trinadh Rao's film on?

Ravi Teja who is busy with his latest project Khiladi was planning to come up with an interesting film after this. A formal announcement on his next film with Trinadha Rao Nakkina was supposed to be made soon. But the news came out that Ravi Teja has walked out of the project. Going by the latest updates, we have come to know that Ravi Teja has charged 16 crores as his fee for this film and this did not go well with the makers who had a discussion. But now, the makers have started to meditate and are ready to pay him more. A third person is mediating between Ravi Teja and the makers. So, will Ravi Teja change his mind and get back to the project, only time will tell.

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