Espionage thriller Tenet in India in Nov

Tenet will be available on Blu-ray and digital storefronts in December, Warner Bros. has announced. The exact dates are December 14 in the UK, December 15 in the US, and December 16 in Australia. This doesn’t include India as it only applies to markets where the Christopher Nolan film released theatrically in August or September. Tenet still doesn’t have a theatrical release date in India, though the epic time-bending espionage movie is expected to premiere in the country before the end of the year. It might even happen in November, now that Maharashtra (the state with the highest number of screens) has given the go ahead for cinemas to reopen.

Espionage thriller Tenet in India in Nov Tenet, a science-fiction actioner, became the biggest post-Covid theatrical release in the world, after restrictions were eased in the US and across many European and Asian territories in September. But the film’s global haul of $350 million pales in comparison to Nolan’s other blockbusters, especially when you consider that it is widely reported to be, at a budget of $200 million, Nolan’s most expensive original film. Tenet stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia, Clemence Poesy, Kenneth Branagh and others. Nolan’s highest-grossing film is The Dark Knight Rises, which made over $1 billion worldwide, like its predecessor, The Dark Knight. His biggest original films — Inception, Interstellar and Dunkirk — have all made between $500 and $900 million worldwide.

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