Tamil Comedian Apologise For Trolling Mahesh Babu

A stand-up comedian Manoj Prabhakar from Chennai is drawing the flak of Mahesh Babu fans for trolling the Superstar in a degrading way. The comedian may not have given a thought but his act didn’t go down well Telugu audience and especially Mahesh Babu fans.  In his act, the comedian compared Mahesh Babu with Katrina Kaif, calling him as the male verison of Kat. He in fact, went ahead calling Mahesh’s expressions as rocks and ending his act with a jibe that “Mahesh Babu Rockks”.

Comedian Manoj Compares Mahesh Babu To Katrina

“Mahesh Babu has a rock face. He is a terrible actor. If you watch Spyder movie, you can observe Mahesh in a blank face while another actor SJ Surya impressed everyone with his performance,” he said. Now, the comedian Manoj is facing the wrath of Telugu audience  and are condemning the act. Meanwhile, check the social media comments:

The comedian Manoj has now issued apology which has been shared on Twitter handle.