Feminists continue to troll Sandeep

Upon the release of the movie Kabir Singh, there came an unexpected criticism on the movie. Everyone in Bollywood found fault with the movie, calling that Kabir Singh is a violent movie that can cause harm to society. Most of the critics in the Hindi film industry have given less ratings to the movie. After the film creating records at the box-office, the director sat down with critic Anupama Chopra for doing a post-mortem of the movie.

During this interview, Kabir Singh has given his point of view on the movie and criticised all those feminists trying to bring him and his film down. Some of the statements that Vanga made during the interview did not go well with larger sections of women, especially the self-claimed feminists. They began making harsh comments on Sandeep on Twitter.

Sandeep who thought that the criticism would end here have to wait more days to come out of it.